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Matt Gore

Based in the south east of England but with clients as far flung as the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia, Blackeye Graphics is headed up by Matt Gore.

(this is a picture of him looking a bit serious - he normally smiles as lot more than that, especially when ELO or Madness is playing on the radio).

Matt lives in England, but was educated in Australia.

Whilst in Australia, Matt does some of his best creative brain-storming on top of a surfboard. Whilst in England, he has to remember what it is like to be on top of a surfboard in Australia.

He likes strong coffee, silver tequila and playstation - not so keen on avocados though. Backgammon is the game of choice and should only be played with a glass of red wine (unless you are in Australia, then a cold beer is acceptable).

Currently it is about loving typography, website design, extreme illustrator & photography.


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This is what we ♥ to do:

  • Logo development
  • Corporate branding
  • Print ready design
  • Digital illustration
  • Web design
  • Photographic restoration
  • Infographics

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